The New Metrics Initiative is one example of a current project that crosses all three areas of work.

The New Metrics Initiative: Across the country and throughout New Mexico, people are recognizing that standardized tests alone are incapable of assessing or encouraging the sophisticated learning needed to succeed in the future. They emphasize a narrow skill set that does not promote adaptability, complex thinking, problem solving, and other critical 21st century skills.

With support from the McCune Chartable Foundation, the New Mexico Center for School Leadership is spearheading a local work group to develop new and rigorous alternative metrics that measure student growth and preparation for the future.

The Center has convened education experts and leaders to develop new metrics to measure authentic student achievement and 21st century skills. Our partners in this initiative include the Leadership High School Network and seven additional schools (South Valley Academy, Amy Biehl High School, Media Arts Charter School, Albuquerque Sign Language Academy, Atrisco Heritage Academy and Nex+Gen Academy).