Educating our disaffected youth is one of the longstanding challenges faced by the United States education system. New Mexico is one region where high school completion and transition into college and careers is an especially difficult path. The Center seeks to radically redefine high school in our communities.

The model we are developing requires a strong network of partners who can propel our growth. We are committed to being a learning organization and are actively involved in national networks. We believe this is how we best learn, develop and progress our local practice. We seek to learn from national partners and also contribute to reform efforts on the national scale, infusing New Mexico with the most cutting edge education practices.

We redesign and recreate to serve our local context, families and communities.

Larry Myatt, Education Resources Consortium (ERC)
Dr. Larry Myatt has been deeply engaged in education leadership development and school redesign for over thirty years.  He founded Fenway High School, a pioneer in the small schools and school-to-career movements, and was its Headmaster for twenty years before accepting an assignment to advise Boston’s High School Renewal Initiative. During that time he was a key member of the HSR-Parthenon Group Off-Track Study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and led the companion Alternative School Quality Review initiative. He co-founded Boston’s Center for Collaborative Education and founded and directed the Greater Boston Principal Residency Network at Northeastern University from 2000-2008.

In 2007, Dr. Myatt was awarded the Harry S. Levitan Prize from Brandeis University for career accomplishment in education. He is a former CES National Faculty member at Brown University and was a professional development consultant at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, including being the facilitator of the Annenberg Superintendents Study Group. He is the author of numerous articles on leadership and school restructuring and has led and consulted to school re-design efforts in numerous cities and states.

Larry is a Founding Convener for The Forum for Education and Democracy, and works actively nationwide to support efforts to reduce the high-school drop-out rate. He is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Boston Green Academy and served as the Senior Fellow for Leadership and Education Ventures at Northeastern University from 2009-2011. Dr. Myatt is a principal founder of the Education Resources Consortium, leading an array of highly-experienced educational consultants and coaches in support of capacity-building in schools and communities.