3 New Mexico Ed Organizations to Watch Out for in 2017

posted on October 19, 2018 by Tony Monfiletto

“We spent a lot of time working with many partners to move a statewide transformation agenda.  Below are three organizations we collaborated with that will surely make big waves in 2017.”



2016 was a year that demanded change all around New Mexico. This year, the Center for School Leadership continued our mission to transform education, inviting community leaders and change makers from all over the state to tour some of Albuquerque’s most innovative schools and share ideas to create systems that work for New Mexico’s students. This demand for change created a unique opportunity to work with Senator Michael Padilla on a Senate Joint Memorial to create a pilot project that would encourage the state to reimagine student assessment under the new Federal Every Student Succeeds Act. Our memorial will be available in February 2017 and we hope it informs the Public Education Department and Legislature’s work going forward.

Join us to learn more about our memorial and discuss what it means to reimagine student success.

We began our public push for change in the Fall of 2015 when we hosted a screening of Most Likely to Succeed for 300 people that was followed by a panel discussion about the future of schools. In 2016, roughly 160 community leaders joined us on the Innovation and Positive Youth Development Tours to witness what can be done to serve young people when their schools are built to be responsive to their local communities.  We have gathered our findings in two reports that you can find here. This memorial is the natural next step to our New Metrics Initiative which is aimed at re-thinking the way we evaluate learning in our state.

We spent a lot of time working with many partners to move a statewide transformation agenda.  Below are three organizations we collaborated with that will surely make big waves in 2017:

1. New Mexico Learning Alliance

The New Mexico Learning Alliance has set out on a quest to learn about the future of education in our state from local communities.  We desperately need a new lens on education policy in our state and we believe that NMLA’s values could be the change that we need. They have led discussions with educators, parents, students, and community members to learn about the aspirations New Mexicans have for our schools.  The discussions were held in collaboration with the New Mexico School Administrator’s Association, the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools, and the data they gathered will be analyzed by the Center for Education Policy Research at the University of New Mexico.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our state leaders to create a vision for public schools that is rooted in the narrative of the communities where they reside.  Their findings are an unprecedented opportunity to use community voice to create a vision for the future of schools in our state.

2. Mission Graduate

Mission Graduate is a collective impact organization that is dedicated to increasing the number of high school and college graduates in Central New Mexico.  They have been working tirelessly on strategies that bring a broad and multi-dimensional view of education in our state. In 2017, their findings from the”Profile of a Graduate” research, done with the Albuquerque Public Schools, will be released, providing a comprehensive view of education based on the local wisdom of our community. The profile will be rooted in many round tables with employers and it is sure to lend new insight into how we can help our schools make our community more prosperous in the future.

3. The Business Education Round Table

The Business Education Roundtable recently held a statewide convening of educators and business leaders. The organization has seized the opportunity presented by the reauthorization of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act to ask what we want from our schools in the future.  They have chosen to create space to have a far reaching dialogue about education policy.  In November, 2016 they held a session with meeting with 600 participants. Their final report will be released next year.

The Future

There’s a lot of energy for change in New Mexico and the pent-up demand is palatable.  Organizations like OLE in Las Cruces and their work with teachers, Families United for Education in Albuquerque and their work with Ethnic Studies Programs, the Association for Commerce and Industry and its efforts in workforce development, and others are making contributions that hold the key to transformation in our state.  I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us.

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