5 Steps to Incubating New Schools

posted on October 19, 2018 by Tony Monfiletto

WeFive years ago we established a vision to provide the best education for the students who need it the most. Troubling graduation rates, disengage
ment, and stark workforce-development challenges indicated a great need in our community for highly impactful, relevant schools that prepare our youth for their future.Over the past years the New Mexico Center for School Leadership has partnered with school, community, and business leaders to identify solutions to some of our state’s most pressing challenges.

The New Mexico Center for School Leadership has its roots in the Leadership High School Network. We were launched from within ACE Leadership High School, and our proximity to real-time learning and every day engagement with students, teachers, and administrators has been essential to our development and practice. We are inspired every day by our colleagues and our goal is to contribute in fundamental ways to creating great schools in our community.

The New Mexico Center for School Leadership’s work is shaping the education landscape in New Mexico through the careful incubation of new Leadership High School Network schools.

The Center’s incubation process, step-by-step:

1.) Convene the community and identify the workforce and community development needs. The Center begins by asking community members to share their vision for the future. They ask community members what skills and abilities students need to succeed upon graduation. This approach helps tap into the local wisdom and ensure responsive design.

2.) Determine the industry focus for the new school. The Center work with local employers to create projects that give young people the experiences they need to develop the leadership skills of the future.

3.) Apply the three-pillar model. All Leadership High School Network schools are designed with the common thread of the three-pillar model, taking into account local wisdom and community vision. The model is adapted so that it is customized to an industry such as technology or construction, or a community like the South Valley or the International District.

4.) Hire new school leader for residency at the Center for School Leadership. The Center works directly with the School Leader in Residence to co-develop and submit the new school charter.

5.) Open school and provide ongoing support. The incoming school leader is coached through the critical path to opening new school—including hiring, curriculum development, board development, facilities acquisition, student recruitment, etc. Ongoing professional support is provided by the Center and its partners.

For more information, read our full Three Year Report here.

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