Learning By Doing

Our students use problem-solving and innovation to address real-world problems.

This pillar is responsible for “Learning by Doing, Every Day in Every Class.” We believe that active, project-based learning (learning by doing) is the pathway to student success and higher levels of achievement. In collaboration with our industry and community partners, LHSN schools focus on promoting deep thinking and problem solving skills, and developing nuanced lifelong learning skills through project-based learning. Learning by doing keeps LHSN schools on the cutting edge of education; our curriculum is adaptable, relevant, and always student-focused. We are also committed to a “Mastery” based system where students demonstrate their learning through a variety of assessments as opposed to traditional “grading.” Rather than focus on coverage and seat time, we focus on skill development through responsive, personalized curriculum.

360˚ Student Support

We believe that high expectations require high levels of student support.

LHSN schools focus on supporting the whole student. The 360-degree Student Support pillar is responsible developing school culture; each LHSN school’s culture is built around supporting the mental and physical health, fitness, and nutrition of their students. Our 360-degree support model is a priority of our educational program and is accomplished through the following support services in each school: the Student Support Team, Achievement Coach, Special Education Services, English Language Learner Services, and the Advisory Program. Through student services and community partnerships we support our students and families. This pillar also ensures that Positive Youth Development practices are present in order to build a school culture that is has high academic expectations and is intellectually and emotionally safe for students.

Student Supports are guided by these underlying philosophies:

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Support from graduation through transitioning to adulthood
  • High expectations require high levels of support (social/emotional/academic/health)

Community Engagement

The underlying intent of Community Engagement is to shift from speaking about what others should do, to speaking about what we, as a community, can create.

Each LHSN school has a Community Engagement Center (CEC) that supports the school’s mission by initiating, building and maintaining community partnerships. The focus of the CEC work is to engage a wide community to help support the schools and their students and ultimately, make our communities more connected, integrated and better places to live. The community engagement pillar is responsible for creating and leveraging partnerships that are attentive to community and school needs, and our strategy is rooted in preparing young people for a prosperous future in the high-wage sectors.

The LHSN schools and the CEC thrive because they have mutually beneficial relationships with the community. Schools don’t just ask for support, but are imbedded in the community and hope to become partners in the community’s future development. LHSN schools foster relationships with community members and partners who help support school missions by sharing expertise and resources to support teachers and the school curriculum, while deepening the learning experience for students through mentorships, off-site programs and the like. Student involvement in the community allows students to participate in authentic learning experiences, to build their reputation and develop the skills and character necessary to become successful leaders in their communities and in their future professions.