5 Takeaways from the Gates Foundation for Education

posted on October 19, 2018 by Tony Monfiletto

On March 18th the Stanford Social Innovation Review ran an article called Making Good Ideas Go Viral (we recommend giving it a read). The piece reminds readers of the seemingly obvious but oft forgotten reality that teachers are human beings working in schools- which are human institutions. Like other professionals, they improve through collaboration, sharing ideas and learning about the innovative work of their colleagues.

The author, Carina Wong, cuts to the heart of the way that schools have worked over the last two decades. Top-down policies like Common Core and teacher evaluation/observation systems are smothering innovation. Instead of trying to discipline the education system, we should be investing in the professional relationships that encourage teachers to be inspired by each other.

Here are the five takeaways from Carina Wong of the Gates Foundation about how to make change happen:

  1. Policy makers and administrators must give up control
  2. The education system must move from a policy focused strategy to a people-centered strategy
  3. Teachers, like other professionals, are ambitious about improving their practice
  4. Teachers trust each other more than they trust administrators and policy-makers
  5. We must design an infrastructure that encourages them to connect and share their work

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