Positive Youth Development Tour Report

posted on November 17, 2018 by Tony Monfiletto

PYD ModelIn October we brought sixty people to visit seven middle and high schools in Albuquerque that are doing exemplary Positive Youth Development work supporting students so that they can learn.  Our guests saw some of the most creative ways to ensure that young people are nurtured and able to do their best work when they are at school.  We toured these schools with students, community leaders and policy makers and we have learned a lot about how we can re-imagine schools so that students can reach their full potential.


I hope you will read our report to get a glimpse of a new generation of schools that put students at the center of their mission.  I left the tour thinking that this is the kind of education I would want for my own children and I hope you will feel the same way after reading it.

Click here to read the report.

PYD Tour Front Page

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