Integrated Curriculum: Why it Matters, and Where to Find It

Students Using iPads

Check out @AceLeadership @HealthLeaderHS and other @NM_Center schools. No classes, just authentic projects with industry partners.



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Lawmakers push for education reforms

Senator Michael Padilla

In conjunction with the New Mexico Center for School Leadership, Padilla is advocating for an “alternative assessment model” that goes beyond standardized test scores.



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Legislator seeks new way to evaluate students

Tony Monfiletto, New Mexico Center for School Leadership director and a supporter of the joint memorial [for standardized tests], said standardized test results are valuable but limited.



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Making Room for Hardship in Positive Youth Development

As Christina Rodriguez notes in Responding to the Student’s Dream: Lessons Learned from Positive Youth Developers in New Mexico, “A lot of our schools don’t seem to recognize the variety of students and what students need. There’s not a one-size-fits-all option.” The lives of our students vary – some may face discrimination because of the color of their skin, their accent, or a disability.


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Charter school org lands $1.3M grant to align students, employers

A cluster of four local, public charter schools picked up $1.3 million this week to help upgrade and coordinate its efforts with employers and community partners.



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THE CHALLENGE OF CHARTER SCHOOLS: Accountability should be calibrated to the students a school serves

On Jan. 29, the Albuquerque Journal published an editorial titled: “LFC didn’t do homework on charter school report.”
It was critical of the Legislative Finance Committee’s study of charter schools because it “leaves out a lot of data.” The Journal editorial board suggested that it’s inappropriate to evaluate all schools in the same way.

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KOB 4 Eye On New Mexico: Educational opportunities for NM students

KOB Eyewitness News 4’s Erica Zucco brought the NM Center for School Leadership, Health Leadership High School and the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy leaders on the show to discuss how new educational opportunities for New Mexico students are preparing them for New Mexico’s workforce. Watch the full segment here.

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Share charter school lessons

Tom Sullivan’s recent letter to the editor is more evidence that we need to change the way we do business when it comes to public schools. It’s time to break down the distinctions between charter and traditional schools so that we can seize the innovation opportunity of charters in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

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Builders and Makers: Tony Monfiletto

tony monfiletto

Tony Monfiletto is Executive Director of New Mexico Center for School Leadership. He is a father, husband, educator, visionary, thought leader, and ambitious builder of ideas and schools. He is charming, focused, intense, productive, and deeply committed to both his work, his family, and our community. Tony grew up in Albuquerque with both parents as teachers in the South Valley,  family roots in northern New Mexico as well as Chicano activism and Catholic social justice as part of his life. Perhaps educational reform was a natural path for him…

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In New Mexico, Eagle Rock Keeps on Cutting Edge of School Assessment and Leadership

In 1989, American Honda Motor Company designed and executed a philanthropic initiative to strengthen the company’s corporate social responsibility. The focus on education emerged after two company leaders, Tom Dean and Mak Itabashi, identified widespread student disengagement in high school as an issue that the company could directly address. Their solution? A school that would serve high school students as well as a professional development center that would contribute to improved student engagement…

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New APS entrepreneurship high school taps private funding

Three foundations are helping to fund Albuquerque Public Schools’ first chartered high school in seven years. The fourth school in the Leadership High School Network, the yet-unnamed high school will be focused on entrepreneurship and is the result of conversations the New Mexico Center for School Leadership had with industry leaders around Albuquerque. It’s expected to open in a temporary space in August 2016. According to Moises Padilla, who will serve as the high school’s principal, the school sought startup funding from several foundations and received donated land to launch the school.

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Wanted: Entrepreneurs to fuel Albuquerque’s economy

Learning By Doing

The New Mexico Center for School Leadership is hoping to open a fourth charter school next year devoted to giving students the skills they need to be entrepreneurs. The center has already started schools focused on technology, the health professions, and architecture, engineering and construction.

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Projects and Partnerships Build a Stronger Future


On a visit to the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Leadership High School in the old town area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, you might be struck at first by what this unique public charter school lacks. There are no classes in the traditional sense. No bell schedule. No cafeteria. No hallways — just a big, open space in an industrial building that once housed a call center. On the perimeter are eight classrooms that are assigned to projects, not teachers…

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Customizing Without Computers


I saw the future of high schools yesterday. It wasn’t about cool digital aps, laptops, or talking to other young people on the other side of the world.  It was re-engineering schooling around young people and their lives. Only in its second year, ACE Leadership High School, a charter school in Albuquerque, has the key to to unlocking our young people’s hearts and minds….

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Reader View: Education decisions need to be close to home

By Tony Monfiletto,

How do we grapple with our state’s failing education system? By we, I don’t mean the policymakers or state officials. I mean, we the parents, grandparents, students, neighbors and community members. By we, I mean New Mexicans…

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