Integrated Curriculum: Why it Matters, and Where to Find It

Students Using iPads

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Lawmakers push for education reforms

Senator Michael Padilla

In conjunction with the New Mexico Center for School Leadership, Padilla is advocating for an “alternative assessment model” that goes beyond standardized test scores.



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Legislator seeks new way to evaluate students

Tony Monfiletto, New Mexico Center for School Leadership director and a supporter of the joint memorial [for standardized tests], said standardized test results are valuable but limited.



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THE CHALLENGE OF CHARTER SCHOOLS: Accountability should be calibrated to the students a school serves

On Jan. 29, the Albuquerque Journal published an editorial titled: “LFC didn’t do homework on charter school report.”
It was critical of the Legislative Finance Committee’s study of charter schools because it “leaves out a lot of data.” The Journal editorial board suggested that it’s inappropriate to evaluate all schools in the same way.

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KOB 4 Eye On New Mexico: Educational opportunities for NM students

KOB Eyewitness News 4’s Erica Zucco brought the NM Center for School Leadership, Health Leadership High School and the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy leaders on the show to discuss how new educational opportunities for New Mexico students are preparing them for New Mexico’s workforce. Watch the full segment here.

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Reader View: Education decisions need to be close to home

By Tony Monfiletto,

How do we grapple with our state’s failing education system? By we, I don’t mean the policymakers or state officials. I mean, we the parents, grandparents, students, neighbors and community members. By we, I mean New Mexicans…

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