The New Mexico Center for School Leadership (the Center) is seen as an expert in the future of designing, operating and measuring the success of innovative and locally-inspired schools. The Center is creating a new “mental model” for schools across New Mexico. With its partners, the Center distills current notions of school and works to build a frame of reference for schools that is distinctly focused on responding to the needs of local communities. The Center provides high quality technical assistance to educators who can be catalysts for change and innovation in education in New Mexico. The Center’s commitment to responsive schools is best demonstrated through its role as incubator of the Leadership High School Network (LHSN), which focuses on the future of New Mexico by connecting disenfranchised communities with high growth employers.

The future of industries and society demand something different.

The New Mexico Center for School Leadership (the Center) and its Leadership High School Network (LHSN) are demonstrating through local evidence that another way of teaching and learning is possible.